Navi F. (@NaviAvatar on Stocktwits and @NaviAvatar1 on Twitter) is a seasoned technology entrepreneur with twenty plus years of trading experience.

As an Information Technology Professional, he has 25 years of experience in IT Hardware/Software/Services and Solutions, providing his consulting expertise to clients worldwide.  Being at the center of Tech/Biotech and Entertainment industries in California, he has a keen eye for emerging trends in mobile, social, cloud, healthcare and security and how to benefit from them.

He has perfected his stock picking skills and swing trading ideas in options through intense study of price movement and momentum as well as psychology of crowd behavior.
Navi graduated from the School of Business and Economics from The University of California, Santa Barbara, where his love of Economics was inspired by the University’s long list of Nobel Prize winners in Economics.  He utilizes his proprietary knowledge of Macro/Micro economic trends affecting the markets in the United States, Eurozone and Asia and incorporates this into mass psychology behind momentum investing to pick growth stocks for maximum returns. 

As the stock market continued to make new highs into 2018, with many Bearish bets calling for a market crash, and many calling for FED to take action in raising rates, Navi’s call was a steady hand by the FED and no rate increases for a considerable period of time.  As this forecast by him came to fruition in May 2015, the S&P 500 hit an All Time High. Navi’s steady hand at the wheel has guided his followers to exceptional returns through his Macro Vision approach.

Navi is a contributing member of Stock Market Mojo. Please note that any comments or opinions made by him or anyone affiliated with Stock Market Mojo are for informational and educational purposes only.